How RingleDingle Disrupts the Greeting Card Industry

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The dumb greeting card app that… kind of made sense.


In the domain of personalized communication applications, RingleDingle distinguishes itself as an innovative solution that combines advanced AI technologies to create a uniquely engaging user experience. The application employs OpenAI’s ChatGPT for original poem generation, Uberduck for celebrity voice text-to-speech conversion, and DALLE for creating distinctive imagery. Over 50 users have found significant value in our solution, converting to regular app usage, demonstrating its early-market validation.

The original V1 for RingleDingle.


RingleDingle, at its core, disrupts the traditional greeting card industry by integrating the latest AI technologies to create personalized, interactive, and engaging digital greetings. The use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT offers users the opportunity to create poems that encapsulate their sentiments and emotions. This capability has elevated user experience, resulting in consistently positive feedback and attracting a loyal user base of more than 10 daily active users.

Text-to-Speech Conversion and Celebrity Voiceover Feature

The innovative incorporation of Uberduck’s text-to-speech technology allows users to animate their poems with voiceovers from renowned celebrities. This feature adds an extra layer of entertainment and personalization, enhancing the value proposition of our product and encouraging user engagement.

By the end of Buildspace, RingleDingle was a fully functional application with a built-in music player with built in lyrics handling and ecard sharing.

Buildspace’s S3 Startup Competition and Validation

Our commitment to constant improvement and innovation has landed RingleDingle in Buildspace’s highly competitive Nights and Weekends S3 startup competition. This platform pits thousands of startups against each other with the aim of securing the $100,000 prize. The opportunity to participate in this competition has not only validated our business model but also provided us with valuable insights and resources for the next stages of growth.

RingleDingle eventually became a physical, automated process too.

Future Directions and Contact

As RingleDingle continues to evolve, our team aims to transition from a purely digital platform to a physical product that leverages our current capabilities. The vision is to create a more tangible, interactive, and immersive user experience, further enhancing our competitive edge in the market.

For further inquiries or partnership opportunities, please contact us:

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RingleDingle’s unique combination of technologies provides a fresh and innovative approach to personalized communication. Our continuous efforts towards improving our product and user experience, combined with our market validation, underline RingleDingle’s potential for significant growth and impact. Also, don’t forget to try out RingleDingle yourself too!

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