Want to try Contextual AI in Your Business?

What is Contextual AI?

AI has become more and more rampant. As it grows, your business will need to grow with it.

Contextual AI is a form of artificial intelligence that enables machines to understand, learn, and utilize the context of data, thereby enhancing their decision-making capabilities. Rather than simply processing data in a vacuum, contextual AI systems consider the circumstances, environment, or relevant aspects of a situation to provide more accurate, personalized, and relevant outcomes.

The “context” can be anything that provides additional information about the data, such as the user’s location, time of day, previously performed actions, or even the sentiment behind a user’s words.

Hyper-Personalization Greater Adaptability
Actionable recommendations, insights and teachings to give customers and employees better decision tools Contextual AI can pivot constantly and with each new customer
Customized chatbot experiences More accurate with customer-tailored output
With conversational AI (GPT), hyper-personalization enables more real-feeling conversations Improve on security by understanding situational responses


You’ll see results within days, not years. The days of long software projects are over.

    Chatbots that understand what your products are, and can direct your team to the correct sitepages.

    Build out quickly with:

    • Chatbots with both Chat-GPT and training on your company
    • Detailed AI reports to understand the types of questions your customers are asking
    • Predictive modeling for operations based on machine learning
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    AI-Powering Humans everywhere.

    About Dolphin Consults

    Dolphin Consults was founded in 2022 under the dreams of making AI available to everyone. With the rise of ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs), Drew and the Dolphin team (now 5 people part-time) saw too many businesses implementing Chat-GPT and other chatbots, but forgetting the most important thing – the company. Working with several clients in Boston, Philadelphia, and Texas, the Dolphin team have made simple models and frameworks that connect AI’s language speaking to various company backends.