Building applications.

The world of AI has made software development a fraction of the cost of what it once was. Stop getting lied to, and build your business on the accurate labor costs of today.

Our Mission

If your company has a need for AI context engineering, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our goal is to build out the best AI-driven software that you can get quickly and efficiently.  Our works include OpenAI API implementation, advanced machine learning, webapp mockups, data design and wireframe development. Our specialty includes contextual AI – that is, giving interpretive large-language models (e.g. GPT) a brain for your business by understanding intents, entities, and giving these models better access to database querying.  

if you have an AI chatbot that doesn’t know anything about your company, then we can help. We work with image, vocal and textual processing, and can work through a variety of different mediums. 

Also see – What is Contextual AI?

AI Growth Services

AGI Toolbox

Artificial general intelligence is what is making AI become “life-like”. While ChatGPT is one of the largest, most robust tools to mirror AGI, there are many frameworks and functions that work alongside it. We’ve worked in AI with voice-first apps (tts and stt), complex data analysis, and even sound manipulation.

Deep Learning

Let me ask you – how intriguing is the term “artificial intelligence”? While it may seem interesting, there’s actually a lot less to it than what is made out to believe. Our deep learning models can span image, text, and speech recognition, in areas from industrial design to social media applications.

Don't Waste on FrontEnd

When it comes to working with a frontend developer, how much effort is really needed? To get your idea to take off, it’s really much more simple than you think. Our capabilities range from drag and drop editors, all the way to hardcoded plugins in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript.

The Dolphin Idea

Dolphin is different from most consulting or development firms. Instead of a long-term yearly contract, DC structures itself as if it’s a contract employee. This means you can cancel with us at any time, with no burden to continue. To make it more stable on our end, we have contractors of our own on standby for whatever project is thrown our way: technologists, high-level business analysts, and developers and consultants, from a multitude of industries.   

We are NOT:


  • Web Developers: We design web applications to work with either existing codebases or to integrate into your current website. If you do not have a website and would like one, we can assist on its creation.
  • Web Designers: We outsource and seek council where possible for frontend designs, but can help you through this process. 

But we are:

  • Software Builders
  • Dev Consultants
  • Plugin Designers
  • Startup Strategists

About Drew

Hello! My name is Drew. I bring a dynamic blend of experience from my time at Wayfair and as a consultant, characterized by a scrappy and energetic approach. I hail from Boston, MA, and I’m currently delving into the realms of AGI and deep learning as a Data Science graduate student at UC Berkeley, driven by profound passion and curiosity. I’ve engaged with diverse scales of business landscapes, from startups to established Fortune 500 companies. My professional adventures span across various industries, including machinery, cannabis CPG, natural gas, and ecommerce. Entrepreneurship resonates with my spirit, having independently established two businesses of my own.


I founded Dolphin Studios LLC as a passion project to explore AI’s potential, only to realize its substantial promise in revolutionizing software solutions for businesses today. Now, my focus is leveraging this insight to aid companies in harnessing efficient, cost-effective tech innovations amidst the digital complexities of the 2020s.



Reduce Payroll

I’ll be blunt – by trying us out for a simple project, it’s the same as a temp hire that you can fire anytime, right? Oh, except you keep what we create.

Keep Cost Down

Because our team isn’t permanent, our business pricing isn’t, either. We keep costs low, and as a result we’ll be transparent with our own charges, too. Down payments under $1000 will get us started and prove our worth to you.

We'll Be Honest

Too many software companies today lie for business. If something is out of scope or going to take longer than planned, we’ll give it to you straight – and what we left out, is on us.

Here to Learn

One of the best parts of this is that as we grow, we want to find opportunity to do so. As a result, we treat each experience as a brand new idea and will whiteboard and task every project uniquely.  

Have an idea you want to build? Just ask about it!